Media Plans for 2017

In the words of Staind….it’s been a while. I’m sorry for getting that earworm stuck in your head.

But for me, there has been quite the stalling for me when it comes to writing due to a lot of things in real life that have gotten in the way. Some of which I can talk of (writer’s block, work being demanding) and some of which I can’t. The point is that I haven’t written anything meaningful in three months and haven’t produced a minor league specific podcast in about six. However, that’s all going to change in the upcoming new year.

First, I’d like to thank Joe Rozycki and Matt Harding of for their help and patience during my downtime, as they were the lead guys of the place I migrated my writing to and I really haven’t been pulling the weight I used to. Their understanding helped a ton in this process.

In any case, I’ve made a plan for the upcoming year in hopes that it’ll happen since it’s out there in the ethos. In no particular order, here’s what’s up:

  • Face Off Hockey Show will have no change on my end and continue rolling. However, we’ll be adding things to our podcast feed, as I’ll go ahead and explain later on.
  • The Farm Report blog will be brought out of its coma and used as rehabbing stint for my stuff over at The Sin Bin. If there’s something I think is worthy enough for The Sin Bin, I’ll broadcast it over there. However, since it’ll be more musings to start, I’ll save the clutter of the actual solid pieces the team over there have been producing to get my stuff together.
  • The Farm Report podcast will start up in mid/late January and be put on the FOHS Network in its usual weekend spot.
  • The biggest news: NEW PODCAST!!!! Starting in that same mid/late January area, The Soderstrom Bubble (@SdrstromBubble on Twitter) will debut on the FOHS Network. Jen Conway (@NHLHistorygirl) will be the co-hosting with me on this delve into retro hockey, current hockey, book reviews,  and whatever randomness we think about. It should be fun for both of us.

And that’s that. Hopefully, you all will come along with me on this journey and whatever comes of it should be fun and somewhat exciting. Here’s to 2017 because….hell, why not??


































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