Steel City Warriors Turn To GoFundMe For Support


Back in October I told you about the Southwestern Pennsylvania Magic folding after only one game, but were brought back by the Steel City Warriors. However, it seems that it could be two team out before the end of the season in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania.

Thanks to a tip from Justin Walden, the Steel City Warriors’ owner Annice Reeves has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to get $30,000 for the Warriors to finish out the season due to the fact that the housing situation for the team was in shambled when the owners of the Magic bailed out and left a lot of the players scrambling and leaving Reeves with a lot of work on her hands in dealing with acquiring a team in mid-season with a lot of financial distress and less than zero time to do all of it. In the description of the GoFundMe page, Reeves deals it out for everyone.

The Warriors have faced everything from bus break downs to struggles for local support, and from broken promises to major injuries. While all teams face problems, the majority of ours stem from the fact that we tried to do in one week what typically takes eleven months to accomplish. What I had thought was going to be a a short term solution, housing twenty people in a hotel, has proved to be a more permanent one. Needless to say, financially our housing predicament has crippled our entire operation.

In the 30 games this season, the Warriors have won two games in regulation, one in overtime, lost two in overtime and 25 losses in regulation, accumulating for 10 points on the year, 28 points behind the next closest team. They have 92 goals for and 189 goals against.

If you feel inclined to help this team and maybe save them for another season– I urge you to contribute if you have the means to. This is a tale that is all too common in lower-minor hockey and it’s something where in order for players and leagues to flourish, they need the support from hockey fans both near and far. While this is just one situations, who knows what it could mean for the rest of the FHL not only for this year, but for the future.

Also, a shoutout to Annice Reeves for using new media to get the word out, but also to use it in order to keep the team where they are and keep these players’ jobs in tact. It’s easy for someone to do like the SWPA Magic’s owner did and bail– but Reeves is going about it in a great way to not only interact with the fans, but to keep the league and players from losing another team and some jobs.


2 responses to “Steel City Warriors Turn To GoFundMe For Support

  1. Scotty, I was the Marketing Director for the SWPA Magic. I can attest to the owners bailing on the team, the region, their employees, and their obligations. I’m still months later getting calls and emails from people looking for the owners for money that is still owed to them. Everything about the FHL’s foray into Southwestern PA has been a debacle starting with the “beer fight” exhibition game last year. The fact that one of the 1st things I heard from the new owner when I met her at a tournament my 5 year old was playing in was to bad mouth some of the players that had been on the team or tried out for the team really left a bad taste in my mouth and the other parents of my son’s team. Not really the way to drum up interest in a team. They’ve also for some reason not reached out to the local hockey organizations or made their players available to the local organizations. I find it hard to believe that people are going to line up to donate money to a team they’ve never heard of.


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