What To Expect Out Of Bertuzzi


The Binghamton Senators have announced that they have signed Todd Bertuzzi to a Professional Try-Out contract with the team and will report to Binghamton on January 12th. While Bertuzzi was the one to reach out-– it seemed that he made a case that was good enough for Ottawa GM Bryan Murray to sign Bertuzzi to the deal that will only last 25 games and could actually last less than that should it now work out off the hop. Granted, it could also last longer, but he would need to sign a deal with that.

But what can a 39-year-old power forward with a history of back issues bring to a team like Binghamton?? Going into Friday night, you couldn’t really have a more even team than the B-Sens. They’re 15-15-3-1 with 109 goals for and 109 goals against, putting them 4th in the East Division and 13th in the Eastern Conference; though they are only four points behind 8th in that Conference. They do have some decent goal-scoring in Shane Prince, Cole Schneider, and Derek Grant up front with Chris Wideman on the blue-line leading the way. Considering that when last we saw Bertuzzi, he only had nine goals, 16 points, and a minus-17 with the Detroit Red Wings last season.

So is it just a leadership thing?? A veteran presence in the room to actually give this team a little more guidance than what they may have amongst themselves already?? To be honest, that’s the only thing that comes to mind when I have laid this out in front of me. In all honesty, I don’t know what to expect out of this and I’m sure the B-Sens are thinking the same way. It’s not as if they don’t have enough– especially with captain Aaron Johnson, Brad Mills, and Patrick Mullen having extensive AHL history amongst themselves. It’s a move that doesn’t seem like it advances anything in the Senators organization– which should really be nothing new to the team that has been through a lot of lateral movement rather than moving forward.

For Bertuzzi however, this is the one last grasp that he has at any sniff of the NHL. Should he be able to put up some kind of performance, whether it be in points or just actually being able to guide some of the younger B-Sens onto the right path and making them better. Still, for a guy who has a history of injuries– this could be a huge risk that may not yield a huge reward for it. Best of luck to Bertuzzi and maybe this move will actually be something good for all involved, but it’s one where you just have to sit back and scratch your head in order to wonder why the hell this is even a move that way made.


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